On Fire

Driveways Save Lives.

As of today the Lawrence Fire Department cannot reach my historic home in the case of Fire or other emergencies. Please help me convince City Council the danger is real.

The City has been unwilling to accommodate the need for safety.

Please support me in making my home safe and sign my petition.

Read all about it HERE in the Lawrence Times

Countdown to the RESCHEDULED City Council Meeting January 17th 5:45pm

Below are the reasons why

1.Property Rights
Over the years, the City of Lawrence, Kansas, by taking the Sanders' property into the city and approving the plat for the apartment complex located on the property to the east of the Sanders' property, created an island (the Sanders property) without providing access to the Sanders' property that allows for the ingress and egress of emergency vehicles should that become necessary. The Sanders property is adjacent to and abuts West 7th Street, and the City is denying direct access to that public street, without providing for a reasonable alternative. In effect, the city has decided the Sanders property is not entitled to the same protections all other members of this community enjoy, though they are still required to pay taxes based on a value attributable to an inhabitable property.
2. Safety
As a result, the home located on the Sanders' property cannot be safely occupied.
3. Solution to the Problem
The Sanders family has made application for an access road on the city's right-of-way to which they could construct a driveway which would alleviate this problem.
4. Family’s safety has been denied
That application has been denied by the city, and the Sanders have appealed that denial to the city commission. The appeal is scheduled to be heard by the city commission on December 13, 2022 at 5:45 p.m.
5. Historic
Essential majestic property and home from 1926 that should be preserved.
6. Community
Hillcrest Neighborhood Association in addition to neighbors adjacent to the property support the application.
On Fire